Dining / Conference Tables

Jeffrey Greene's beautiful dining tables feature rare wood slabs, paired with a diverse assortment of wood or metal bases. Slabs may be ordered in specific lengths and widths that suit your particular needs. Your rare wood slab is then joined with the table base you select, creating a dining table that fulfills both your aesthetic and practical desires.

To get started, explore the table base designs and then choose the live edge slab you want.

Live Edge Dining Tables

Jeffrey Greene has been designing custom-made furniture for several decades. With a current focus on rare wood slab dining tables and conference tables, the artist has perfected his craft. Jeffrey Greene Design Studio offers a broad selection of live edge wood slabs in various species, including black walnut, one of the industry’s highest regarded wood for furniture design.

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All of Jeffrey Greene’s rare wood furniture creations are custom made from rare live edge slabs personally selected by Greene himself. Slabs can be finished with the natural edge preserved or cut to the geometrical shape of your choice. All of Jeffrey Greene’s wooden slabs can be constructed to suit your dimensional needs.

Jeffrey Greene works with top quality wood slabs, transforming them into iconic pieces of artwork every single time. Each furniture piece surpasses the last with its beauty and innovative design.

Customizable Live Edge Wood Tables

Jeffrey Greene offers a variety of unique and complementary base design options in rare wood and various metals, such as aluminum, solid cast bronze, and stainless steel. Mr. Greene welcomes commissions for custom, museum-quality designs, and encourages you to work with him to accurately portray your vision correctly.

The signature look of Jeffrey Greene’s creative design aesthetic is especially illustrated through his Glass Top Dining Table series. Dining table options range from hand-carved sculptural hardwood designs to precision-engineered steel, each one accurately displaying his impeccable artistry and creativity.

For your professional conference table, Jeffrey Greene Design Studio is adaptable to ever-changing technological advances specific to your requirements. We can easily design a custom wood slab conference table in black walnut or species of your choice with high tech outlets and grommets to provide a versatile custom piece. Jeffrey Greene’s other wood furniture designs such as seating and consoles will further enhance your professional space.

Jeffrey Greene’s pieces are priced accordingly, and he’ll work closely with you to offer the most appropriate suggestions.

Exceptional Quality of Rare Wood

Jeffrey Greene offers three categories of rare live edge wood slabs in black walnut and other species, all fitting within a range of budgets.

Premium Book Matches are sequential boards from the same log and single handedly chosen by Jeffrey Greene. He chooses the most refined options to create the most beautiful furniture creations.

Rare Huge Single Slabs are the most limited in availability due to the rarity of the size of the tree from which they are harvested.

Divergence Series Natural Edge Boards are crafted from rare hardwood planks and can be custom ordered to fit your dimensions.

Artistry and Expertise

Jeffrey Greene’s success stems from his design expertise and mastery in woodworking. He only uses the finest materials to create his designs, working with specially seasoned wood, each slab handpicked from the wood mill he visits himself. It takes a great deal of time to properly dry wood, taking one year per inch of thickness, followed by a minimum of two months for kiln drying to achieve about 6% moisture level. Quality seasoned wood is more difficult to procure and costly, but Mr. Greene has learned that it is vital for the value and longevity of his art.

Jeffrey Greene Design Studio works within a grand network of businesses in the architecture and design community, including private customers.

We are happy to offer worldwide shipping wherever you may be, from London to Paris, Moscow to Geneva, Singapore to Monte Carlo, Norway and beyond.

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