Live Edge Console Tables

For more than four decades, Jeffrey Greene has been designing innovative, custom-made furniture, currently focusing on offering rare wood slab furniture. Our studio has a phenomenal selection of live edge wood slab console tables that will beautifully accent any home. The website showcases an assortment of the most spectacular designs of rare wood slab furniture currently available anywhere.

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All of Jeffrey Greene’s rare wood furniture creations are custom made from individually selected live edge wood slabs. Slabs can be finished with either the natural edge preserved or cut into the geometrical shape of your choice. Often, console tables are fabricated with one straight finished edge for ease in placement against a wall or other piece of furniture. The facing edge is left as organic as possible for maximum visual impact.

The Rarity of Upscale Elements

Jeffrey Greene uses exquisite quality, rare wood slabs and turns them into everlasting wood slab console tables. Their designs feature natural edge and custom designed metal bases, available in several finishes and styles. A wonderful advantage of selecting a live edge console table is the flexibility of base options. Bases are prominent when looking at a console table, which gives Jeffrey Greene more space for his creativity and artistry to shine. From his signature Silver Forest Console table to the sculptural fountain base, his artistry can be showcased in any location.

Jeffrey Greene offers a broad selection of unique and complementary base design options in both rare wood and various metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and solid cast bronze. Commissions for custom, one of a kind, museum-quality designs are welcome, where clients work directly with the artist to bring their vision to life.

Enhances Environment of a Space

For those beginning their live edge furniture collection, a Jeffrey Greene wood slab console table is a gorgeous introductory piece, available in black walnut and other species, suitable for a range of budgets. A live edge wood console is perfect for smaller areas and adds character to any space. Console tables add elegance and warmth to a foyer, functionality and beauty to a landing, and perhaps even doing double duty as a desk in a metropolitan pied-à-terre. Jeffrey Greene’s immaculate live edge wood pieces include benches for seating and conference tables. Options are priced accordingly, so we work with you to offer the most appropriate suggestions.

As with coffee tables, our studio can incorporate several varieties of rare wood species in your design such as redwood burl, curly maple, black walnut, and exotic hardwoods like Hawaiian monkeypod. To create a cohesive aesthetic, surface inlays in various metals can be added as a complement to other finishes in your space.

The signature look of Jeffrey Greene’s creative design aesthetic is highlighted in his Glass Top Console Table series. Options range from hand-carved sculptural hardwood designs and custom stained finishes to precision-engineered steel, each one depicting his exquisite creativity and artistry.

Clients Spanning the Globe

Jeffrey Greene Design Studio works with private customers and within the immense network of businesses in the architecture and design community.

From London to Paris, Singapore to Monte Carlo, Moscow to Geneva, Norway and beyond, we are happy to offer worldwide shipping wherever you may be.

For more information or to place an order, contact Jeffrey Greene Design Studio today.