About Jeffrey Greene

Jeffrey Greene has been professionally designing furniture for over forty years.

While growing up he lived with his painter/sculptor father George Greene in the art colony of Bucks County, PA. His father exposed him to the creative process as a way of life, as he encouraged the importance of developing his drawing skills.

He returned to New Hope, PA, in the 70’s where he set up a woodworking studio as an alternative life style rather than pursuing a career in Psychology, for which he had gone to graduate school and obtained a Masters degree.

Jeffrey Greene is largely self-taught in the art and technique of furniture design and construction, although he credits furniture maker George Nakashima, wood sculptor James Martin, and designer/artisan Phillip Lloyd Powell as formative influences.

Jeffrey Greene’s early work was inspired by George Nakashima and taken in his own direction. His current designs have come full circle returning to the live edge slab approach of construction. The many years of intervening design experience have come into play in structural innovations and subtle proportional accents in his new pieces. The introduction of custom designed metal elements of cast bronze and aluminum, as well as welded steel, are examples of these innovations.

His design process relies on the classical procedure of multitudes of freehand, artistic, conceptual drawings, followed by model making, technical drawings and pattern making. Numerous drawing books filled with conceptual sketches, comparative details, and high accuracy finished renderings that Jeffrey Greene has produced over the years have honed his design skills to a fine edge. The prolific examples of original design that you see on the website are the fruit of his labor.