The Importance of Properly Seasoned Wood

A Passion for Live Wood Furniture

With over forty years of experience in wood furniture design, Jeffrey Greene has perfected his craft of creating unique, high-quality furniture pieces that last generations. Establishing a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art includes knowledge of engineering and an eye for design, two qualities that Jeffrey Greene possesses.

One critical aspect of Mr. Greene’s process is his use of properly seasoned solid wood, mainly black walnut, resulting in work that is made to last and authentic in design. His fine craftsmanship earned him awards at highly-regarded conventions and expos such as the Philadelphia Furniture Show and the International Contemporary Furniture Show, among others. Along with professional recognition, Mr. Greene even created his own apprenticeship program to spread his love and knowledge of wood furniture design. 

Why Seasoned Wood?

The condition of the wood is fundamental in terms of the quality of each piece. Mr. Greene personally hand-selects each slab he works with, ensuring that it the wood is properly dried and seasoned. This process can be time-consuming, taking up to one year per inch of thickness; however, it is a crucial part of Mr. Greene’s method. Kiln-drying can be a delicate process as well, due to the fact that the variation in grains can cause the wood to dry at different rates. Because of this, kiln workers need to be careful and work slowly throughout this process. However, it’s worth the extra time and effort; an expertly dried slab of wood can yield an array of subtle characteristics and colors in the wood.

Although quality seasoned material can be more expensive, Mr. Greene believes that it’s vital for the value of the piece. The wood used in each design crafted by Mr. Greene can withstand changing seasonal temperature fluctuations, and is even tested with a moisture meter to ensure its dryness.

Jeffrey Greene’s Design Process

Jeffrey Greene’s process begins with the basics, as he personally sketches each piece. From there, the general shape of the furniture is constructed, and patterns are added to the sketch. Mr. Greene independently constructs the vision of each wooden piece and continues his process by carefully selecting his materials. Mr. Greene only chooses his slabs from trusted wood mills with whom he has developed relationships over his career. Once each piece is complete, it is then covered in multiple coats of finish, ensuring an equilibrium of moisture on all sides and protecting it from fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Rare Wood Dining Tables

Live edge dining tables are a specialty of Mr. Greene, while coffee tables and consoles are created from these specialty woods as well. At Jeffrey Greene Design Studio, our customers can choose from a variety of designs and types of woods, all via our website.

To learn more or to browse the selection of available pieces, contact Jeffrey Greene Design Studio today at 215-488-7602.