Welcome to Jeffrey Greene Design Studio

Initially inspired by leading furniture design innovator George Nakashima, Jeffrey Greene has been designing quality furniture for over four decades. After growing up in a Bucks County art colony, he achieved a Masters in Psychology, then set up a woodworking studio in the ’70s to advance his creative endeavors as an alternative to an academic career path.

Jeffrey is self-taught in the art of furniture design and construction. He credits many individuals, including primarily his artist father, George Greene, Sculptor James Martin, and designer Phillip Lloyd Powell as lifestyle and career influences.

The Process

Greene’s design process begins with freehand conceptual drawings and progresses through to model making and finishing. In fact, many of his sketches are readily available for customers to allow them to have access to the unique process that his pieces take as they journey from concept, to design, and to final completion.

Jeffery’s current portfolio includes a range of custom-made rare wood slab dining tables. These unique pieces come in a variety of shapes and finishes. Each piece is unique and custom-built, making them essential for interior design enthusiasts as a focal point for any dining room, kitchen, office, or living area.

An Array of Unique Pieces

The studio also creates a range of seating pieces, consoles, beds, coffee tables, and desks. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted and finished with quality professional care and attention to detail. Jeffery also offers special commissions that are truly rare and wonderful, some of which pair wood and metal to create one-of-a-kind designs, and all become instant classics the second they leave the workshop.

With a lifetime of skill and experience put into every new piece, Jeffery emphasizes his passion for quality in his artist’s statement:

“I never compromise the quality of my work even if it results in reducing my profit. There have been many times in my career when I have felt the temptation to disregard this rule, but instead, I have always maintained my high standards and feel tremendous pride in the work.”

For more information and to view his extensive portfolio, contact Jeffrey Greene Design Studio today.