Good On The Website Better In Reality
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Good On The Website Better In Reality

Dear Jeffrey Green, My husband, Doug and I bought a table from you and it arrived back in September I think. As someone who buys furniture for others professionally and usually buys for myself with confidence I was baffled by the process that would unfold surrounding one of your tables. I researched for a live edge table quite a long time and perused your web site over and over looking at slabs and imagining the table in my home. In the end I could not imagine it enough and it was Doug who pulled the trigger and called you. I was very nervous waiting for it to arrive and when it did I sort of gasp and then held my breath for about three months! It was such an undertaking on your part. So very beautifully arranged and yet it need, or I needed, time to adjust to its presence. There was the table in my dining room and we never sat at it. Finally, Thanksgiving and I worried about scratches or water marks, and finally I just set the table and fussed about it for a couple of days. Guests arrived, food was put on the table, people sat down to eat, and the magic was there! The table was part of us. I realize that I have anthropomophed the table and I sound like a bit of a nut case, but I love the table! I needed to go through this process for some reason and I am very glad for every part of that. Thank you for this amazing and gorgeous work of art that my family can celebrate around for a long time to come. All the best from me and excuse my long overdue acknowledgement of your work. Lori

Hello Jeffrey, We received the table today and I have to tell you that it surpassed all of our expectations. It is truly a work of art that is alive. We have already given her a name and she is part of the family. Thank you very much and I just want you to know that we will cherish and enjoy this masterpiece that you have created for a long,long time. Mahalo George and Nicole

Jeffrey We put the table up today. I am delighted with it - the table looked good on the website, but it is a lot better in reality. Do you know the original source of the walnut, is it from the US or another country? Thankyou for the signed wood, we have started to use it as a cheeseboard. I have spent a year on the renovation of my house and have bought many nice things. The table is by far and away the best item in the house and I am grateful how you completed it at such short notice. I hope you and your family have a great xmas and successful 2009. T

Jeffrey Please forgive the delay in contacting you. I wanted to write as soon as I saw the table, but there have been too many distractions getting our new room ready for Thanksgiving. In any event, all I have to say is WOW. The table is magnificent, even more beautiful than I imagined. The workmanship is, as you said it would be, wonderful. The ebony butterflies floating down the center are both elegant and whimsical, and the entire piece is a bold work of art. I will take photos after Thanksgiving, as I'm sure you'll want to see the table in it's setting. The conservatory room is a contemporary, all glass space, soaring to 18 feet and is clad in dark bronzed metal. There are large trees surrounding it and the floor is ebony stained distressed wood plank. Hanging centrally is a crystal sphere. Although the room is gracious in size at 22'x24', the table dominates and owns the room. Often, I picture the way I want things to turn out, but rarely does the reality match what I envisioned. This is that rare exception, when all the pieces fell into place and exceeded expectations. I am truly grateful to you for taking such pride in your artistry, craftsmanship and creativity, to say nothing of making it possible for us to have the table when our family has it's yearly gathering at our home. . If anyone wants to speak to us as a reference, or see our table, please feel free to have them contact us. I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season. Working with you has been a great pleasure. Best regards Leslie and Bob

Hi Jeff, Sorry about the delayed response. Been somewhat under the weather this past week. Jules and his assistant did a superb job delivering and setting up the furniture. The dining table, 6 chairs and coffee table are all uniquely beautiful. You are a creative, highly skilled craftsman. I really appreciate your obvious focus upon excellence. Thanks much. Joe

Thank you Mr Greene, the table looks wonderful and I am very happy with it. Can you suggest someone to come and wax it once a year? Sincerely, M

Hi Jeffrey: We got the table yesterday and it is every bit of what I expected and more. It is a wonderful piece. We are extremely happy with the table. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. 1. 3. I still want the Bubinga coffee table, about 45 inches round. I want a similar design with a tapered top and legs. Iíll wait until you get a magnificent piece of Bubinga. I want something really fiured/on fire. I have a table now so Iíll wait as long as it takes. Thanks again, Kevin

Hi Jeff, The Flame Console was delivered by UPS today. No damage. Of course, I've never seen so much block and popcorn styrofoam jammed into a box... The workmanship and appearance of the console are terrific! What a beautiful complement to the dining table and chairs. Once we settle for a few months and welcome Spring, I may be a touch regarding the Crystal or Forest coffee tables (with glass tops and mahogany supports). Joe

Hi Jeffrey, I hope you like the pictures of the table in our kitchen. There was a lot of planning that went into the design of our new kitchen. The table that you created is the perfect finishing touch. Our kitchen truly is, the heart of our home. We were extremely impressed that you were able to make our table exactly the way we envisioned it to be and only communicating through a couple of emails and phone calls. Jeffrey, you are an artist and we will enjoy our heirloom quality table along with our five children for many years. We also appreciated your advice on the finish. I would be happy to give a recommendation to any potential customer that would like a couple comments on your expert craftsmanship and your ability to make something so beautiful out of an old tree. Sincerely, Marc and Susan

hey man the table looks AMAZING!!!!!! we love it! great job! thanks, greg

Dear Jeffrey, Just wanted to drop you a short note to say how much we appreciate your fabulous work on the table and chairs. You have really brought out the beauty of the wood and the workmanship is superb. If you would like to use as a reference or use this as a testimonial on your web site please feel free. Looking forward to working with you on our next piece. Kind regards Kevin and Kathleen

Jeffrey-----------delivery went off without a hitch and the table and chairs are spectacular very pleased and everyone has asked who you are and how the process works----great work as usual!!!! thanks for helping to make the new Rehoboth space a success..........truly as organic and classic feel.... thanks again, send pics once al is in place

Hello Jeffrey, Table arrived today (w/chairs ordered from Italy) and it's definitely a WoW! The delivery person, who maintains he sees great tables all the time ala Boca Raton, took pictures of it saying it was beyond what he had seen. And, yes, it is truly a great creation. I will send you photos I have taken of the table in place w/chairs 'cause I think you would like to see the ensemble. It's smaller length gives further dimension to the room and yet seats 6. My Kodak is not accessible until next week when the computer person visits us to correct the software problem we are having. After that, I will send off photos to you. Thanks, Jeffrey...good selection for us on your part. elizabeth

Hello Jeffrey, We wanted to let you know that the furniture was delivered and looks beautiful! The Plycon team did a good job with the assembly. Kay is also very pleased with the cutting boards. Now, we need to find chairs that are worthy of the furniture! Many thanks for your great work which we will enjoy for years ahead. Feel free to use my name/number as a reference if I can be of help. All best wishes, Ian

Dear Jeffrey, The table arrived today. The delivery service was terrific. It is magnificent! More beautiful than I could have imagined. My clients are VERY PLEASED ! I canít thank you enough for your beautiful craftsmanship. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanx, Jodie Hello Jeffrey, You made a wonderful cocobolo dining table for us about 40 years ago. It's now in the home of our son in Los Altos, CA, and he has a question: Should he oil the underside of the table? I seem to recall your saying that we should leave the underside to breathe, and while I suspect that it has received one or two oilings over the years, it's pretty much been left untouched. The table is, as you told me it would be, in essentially the same condition as it was when first delivered. I should add that the 8 chairs (prototypes of a long-standing design of yours, are also in perfect condition. We continue to be impressed. Many thanks for your attention to this question, and kindest regards, Ron The table is remarkable!! It is perfect! It is the most beautiful dining room I've ever designed as well as the whole house. I'll be getting professional photos done shortly and will send to you. Kelley Hi Jeffrey, The table arrived today and I just want to say "wow!" It is really a beautiful piece of work. We're so delighted with it. Thank you for your spectacular craftsmanship, and for working to get it out the door quickly for us. Thanks again! Craig Jeffrey, I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed everyone is with the table that you created for Fretz. It is truly beautiful and I am certain that it will be cherished for many years to come. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Michael

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